Saints Peter and Paul Parish is one of the oldest churches in the country. The church was founded in 1850 and was canonically finished on April 25, 1587 by the Augustinian missionaries. The church was damaged during the 1892 earthquake, was restored in 1895 and was damaged again in 1944 while the stone convent was destroyed in 1955. The convent was latere on restored and in its place, stands the present Sacred Heart School.

The San Pedro Bell is also a main attraction in the church for it has returned home after 115 years in the hands of Americans. The bell was originally presented to Friar Mariano Garcia on behalf of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in 1883 by Governor Mariano Balancio and Hilario Calica. It remained in the church belfry until 1901 when it was removed by U.S. forces stationed in the Philippines. It was later taken to the United States by General Thomas Barry. The circumstances surrounding the removal of the bell and its journey to the U.S. remain lost in history.