PANAGKAKARARUA (Every 31st day of October)   A merriment in Bauang where you can find the most creative costumes of  municipal employees, groups, barangay folks, public and private high school students march around the town in the early evening for young kids on the block. An all-night party and concert highlight the event.

Baggak Festival

BAGGAK FESTIVAL (December 16 – January 5)   Different activities showcasing the traditions arts and culture are featured in the day to day activities. Highlights of the festival is the Search and Coronation of Miss Bauang.  

Kalgaw Festival

KALGAW FESTIVAL Summer Season    It all started as sporting event  for events, beauty and talent contests, arts and garden exhibits, musical extravaganzas are some of the activities guests enjoy during the week-long festivity. As the year past The Bauang Summer Sports Festival evolved to KALGAW Festival.

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