Fluvial Procession

FLUVIAL PROCESSION (Holy Monday – Good Friday)   Bauang offers not just the beauty of its beaches during the summer season but something more spiritual and reflective during the holy week. The fourteen Stations of the Cross are each carried by a banca all pulled by a motorized one carrying the Way of the Cross. continue reading : Fluvial Procession

CIANO Umok Art Gallery

The first of its kind in the province of La Union, the gallery is easily located as it is in the heart of a small upland village of Palugsi-Limmansangan, Bauang, La Union.Umok is an Ilokano word which means bird’s nest; where paintings and works are beautifully nestled. Come to check on his works of arts continue reading : CIANO Umok Art Gallery

Grape Picking Adventure

The propagation of viticulture within the Philippines began in Bauang, La Union with Lomboy Farm as the pioneering vineyard in 1972. For over four decades, founder and so-called “Grape King” Avelino Lomboy has supplied the country with freshly grown grapes. He has also served as the trailblazer for the establishment of other family-owned grape farms, continue reading : Grape Picking Adventure