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Bauang LGU renews friendship ties with Taebaek City, Gangwon-do, South Korea on January 5, Bauang Farmers’ Hall.
Mayor Kim Yeon-Sik with seven of his delegates from Taebaek City, 11 delegates from Jeongseon Arirang Cultural Foundation, 30 delegates including students and teachers from Bongpyeong Middle and High School arrived in Bauang to renew and rekindle friendship with the local government of Bauang and to be a part of Baggak Festival. They will be watching Mutia ti Bauang pageant.

An unveiling ceremony of friendship marker of Taebaek City happened in front of the municipal hall with Mayor de Guzman, Mayor Kim, local government officials of both Taebaek City and Bauang were present. The unveiling of sisterhood marker of Lakewood City, Washington, USA followed.

A simple program was held at Bauang Farmer’s Hall after the unveiling ceremony.

Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. de Guzman III expressed his warm welcome to all the Korean delegates. He said that Bauang will be their own home away from home. He expressend his desire that Bauang’s friendship with the Koreans will last longer and it will result to exchange of practices, culture, arts, and music.
Mayor Kim extended his invitation to Mayor Martin, his council and department heads to visit Korea during the Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival o January 19- February 11 and enjoy the cold weather.

“I feel that a deeper friendship between Taebaek City and Bauang has developed. I hope that our relationship will not only be between mayors but a relationship where there will be an exchange of art, culture, education and civil relation,” he said.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing with Jeongseon Arirang Cultural Foundation and Bauang took place.

Seo Geon Heen, a representative of Jeonseon County Mayor said that the mayor cannot attend the Baggak Festival because he is busy preparing for the 2018 Winter Olypics. He sends his best regards and hopes for a good and successful Baggak celebration. He hopes that Jeongseon Arirang Cultural Foundation and Bauang will grow in culture, music and arts together.

Unveiling of sisterhood marker with Bongpyeong Middle and High School took place at Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School. Lak Hyun Sim, principal of the said school and Myrna U. Ligas with SBM Gabriel Sotto unveiled the marker. There was an exchange of arts, cultural and educational practices.

Dr. Sim Lak Hyun, principal of Bongpyeong Middle and High School said, “I hope to continue, to grow together and share our good practices in the educational environment.”

Initiated through Resolution No. 2006 of Lakewood City Council on April 17, 2006 under Mayor de Guzman, the sisterhood relationship was born. On September 6, 2011, Bauang LGU passed Resolution No. 215, Series of 2011 reaffirming and rekindling their sisterhood agreement with Mayor Don Anderson. Last January, in time for Baggak Festival, Anderson, his wife and other delegates visited Bauang.

Friendship city relations with Taebaek City started in 2012 during the 1st visit of Mayor de Guzman in Taebaek City, followed by the first visit of the city’s officials in Bauang. The first visit of Gangwon Teachers’ Choir and a staging of concert with Bauang Baggak Choir paved its way to Taebaek City as guest performers during the 32nd Taebaek National Choir Competition on August 22-23, 2014.

On February 27, 2015, Mayor Kim Yeon-Sik and other city officials visited Bauang followed with the visit of Deputy Mayor Song Yeong-Seon and other officials.
On May 29, 2017 at Taebaek City, a historic formal signing of the friendship city relations agreement between Taebaaek City and Bauang government took place with the presence of local officials of both governments. Both parties agreed to work together for mutual understanding and cooperation through bilateral relationship in public administration, culture, education and social exchange activities.

Sisterhood relationship between Bongpyeong Middle and High School, Gangwon-do, South Korea and Don Eulogio de Guzman National High School (DEGMNHS) started with the signing of agreement at Bongpyeong Middle and High School on December 28, 2015. This Korean school visited DEGMNHS on January 3, 2016. On March 2-5, 2016 DEGMNHS visited the Korean high school. The visit’s highlight was the signing of sister school relations agreement with Bauang LGU’s support through its local school board. The 4th visit of DEGMNHS to South Korea promoted peace, mutual understanding, cooperation, human resource development, academic excellence, arts, culture, music and social exchange.

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