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Going to Disneyland? There is no need for you to go to Disneyland abroad: in Hongkong, Japan and California U.S.A. Right here in the municipality of Bauang, you can experience the thrill, joy, ambiance of being in this prestigious place, Disneyland. This is enjoyed by every kid and elders alike.

With the theme, “Bauang Goes Disney”, the 39 barangays divided into 10 districts, the 17 departments of Bauang LGU merging into 9 groups, different associations, secondary schools, all these participants led by Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. de Guzman III, Vice Mayor Bonifacio G. Malinao, Sr. and the 9 Sangguniang Bayan Members paraded around the town with their colorful and spectacular costumes.

The local LGU offices were the 11 princes in their shining costumes. Group I composed of the Administrator’s Office and the Municipal Planning and Development Council wore “The Emperor’s New Groove” sporting orange color. Group II, Treasury and Market in their navy blue color, depicted “Aladdin”. Group III with Municipal Social Welfare and Development, Registrar, and General Services Office, with sky blue as their color were the group of Frozen. They won third place in the Inter-department Costume Contest Category. Group IV, the Sanggunian Bayan and Vice Mayor’s and Assessor with yellow as their color depicted “Wreck It Ralph”. Group V composed of Municipal Environment and National Resources Office, Budget and Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office in their stark green color depicted “Elena of Avalor.”
The Mayor’s Office in their pink color comprising Group VI has “Sleeping Beauty.” They were the champion in the Inter-department Costume Contest Category. Accounting and Engineering and DILG of Group 7, wearing yellow green T-shirts were the “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.” HRMO and DILG of Group 8 were in stunning red and they depicted “Toy Story.” Rural Health Unit of Group 9 in their violet t-shirts came out with the characters of “Inside and Out.” They bagged the second place.

In the district level costume competition, District I composed of Barangays Carmay, Pagdalagan Sur, Paringao, and Palintucang were the group of “Brave”, District II made up of Barangays Bawanta, Disso-or, Cabisilan, Dili and Pottot were the group of “Moana”. “Alice in Wonderland” belonged to District III of Barangays Baccuit Norte, Baccuit Sur, Quinavite, Pugo, and Taberna. “Peter Pan” went to District IV composed of Barangays Acao, Ballay, Lower San Agustin. and Upper S.A., District V of Barangays Boy-utan, Bucayab, Calumbaya, and Cabalayangan had “Beauty and the Beast.” “Pirates of the Carribean” was represented by District VI of Barangays Nagrebcan, Parian Oeste, Parian Este, and Pudoc. “Cinderella” was depicted by Group VII of Barangays Payocpoc Sur, Payocpoc Norte Este, Payocpoc Norte Weste, Palugsi-Limmansangan, and Guerrero. They garnered second place. Barangays Casilagan, Pilar, Bagbag, Santiago, Urayong, and Sta. Monica comprising District VIII were the group of “Cinderella”. They got third place in the competition.

The “Descendants” of District IX was Barangay Central West. The champion, District X, Central East was the “Dalmatian 101.” They caught the judges attention with the projection of Lady Cruella De Vil.

In the individual adult costume competition category, the champion was “Lady Cruella de Vil” of Bauang Gay Association. The character of “Little Red Riding Hood” represented by Donnie Baradi, president of Bauang Gay Association was the second placer. This association was the champion in the group/association category. Bauang Market Vendors Association was the second placer and the third placer in the group/association was La Union Cycle In Action.

In the school category, displaying their varied eye catching costumes were the students of Baccuit National High School who were the first placers, followed by ECDGMVNHS formerly Acao National High School, second place and Casilagan Integrated School, 3rd placer.

Five kids below seven years old were awarded in their best costumes which depicted Snow White, Rabbit, Moana, Nerida, and Mickey Mouse.

A hip hop modern dance competition participated in by eight groups coming from as far as Baguio City joined in the contest.

The Parokya ni Jukjuk of Baguio City in their horrifying costume but with good execution, choreography, and audience impact captivated the hearts of the three judges. They received Php10, 000.00 as their prize and certificate of recognition. Vad Meraki was the second placer receiving Php7, 000.00 and a certificate. With Php5, 000.00 and also a certificate, YoungBuck dance group happily received their prize.

The highlight of the Panagkakararua Festival 2017 was the Free Concert at the Park.

The Bauangenios, visitors local and foreign hilariously and enjoyed jamming with the national band “Mayonnaise” as they belted their popular songs “Jopay” and “Ipagpatawad Mo.” Other bands enjoyed by the audience were El Frile Band of San Miguel Beer and Stitch Band from La Union.

The Drum and Lyres of Payocpoc Elementary School, Bauang North Central School, Sts. Peter and Paul Learning Center and Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School added more color to the festival as they played different tunes to the delight of the audience and viewing public.

Trick and treat was given to children by distributing different candies, biscuits, and chocolates which these kids enjoyed tremendously.

Panagkakararua 2017 was indeed an affair worth remembering in its 7th year of celebration. This has become a tradition which all Bauangenios, foreigners and local tourists look forward to. They hope that next year more exciting activities and a new theme will be observed again.

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