Dr. Sim Lak Hyun, Ph. D., Principal of Bongpyeong Middle and High School Gangwon-do, South Korea welcomed the delegates of Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School and the Bauang LGU delegates during the Philippine International Sisterhood School’s 4th Visit and Exchange.


In his welcome message at Bongpyeong Middle School, he said, “Future education should be improved so that all students experience equal educational opportunities beyond the limits and boundaries of different classes, races and nations.”

“We are in the age of needing cross-cultural education. So we decided the topic of the 4th visit and exchange as “Global Friends to Communicate through Cultural Arts,” he   added.

A cultural show was conducted with K-Pop Dance-“Signal Twice”, and “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, as performed by Bongpyeong High School, followed by their Korean Marching Band-“Dawa.”

Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School performed their traditional dance and music. There was the fusion of Korean Traditional Band, “Star and Sand.”

Sim Lak Hyun explained that people must not only understand cultural difference but also to communicate and to share through education. This is a very important point for the future.

He reiterated to continue such a visit and exchange based on understanding. He warmly welcomed DEGMNHS and Bauang LGU delegates headed by Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. De Guzman III.

During the program, there was an introduction of the educational family and Bauang LGU delegates and also the Bongpyeong educational line up.

Dr. Alicia Aprecio, principal of DEGMNHS, Schools Division Superintendent of La Union Rowena Banzon and Mayor Martin delivered their messages.

Meanwhile, Bauang LGU visited Taebaek City the next day to renew and rekindle their agreement for friendship ties for the purposes of strengthening mutual development, Cooperation and developing joint interests by and between the two LGU’s.

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