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The tourism industry of Bauang is booming. This is how Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. de Guzman III described the tourism industry of this town with the influx of tourists to different tourist destinations. Mayor Martin conceived Project Bakawan as an eco-tourism mangrove park, situated on a more than a hectare of land covered with different species of mangrove at Barangay Pudoc and Parian Oeste.

The mayor asked the municipal agriculture office, MENRO, RHU, MPDC, Tourism, Engineering, Budget office, the Barangay Captains of Pudoc, Parian Oeste and the president of the fishermen’s organization as the implementers of the project during the GABAY at Barangay Carmay.

An audio visual presentation and the billboard of the mangrove farms are ready as soon as these are finished, full blown development will take place.

Cooperative will be in-charge of the activities and livelihood. Management and administration of the project will be by the barangay local folks for them to be economically independent.

A general assembly of the local folks of the two barangays will be organized for information dissemination of the project. The barangay folks are the care takers of the park.
The mayor envisions the Puraw Kadaratan to be a model community with good practices thus organization of every aspect of the community is imperative.

Livelihood projects, cooperatives, preservation of the bakawan and the mainstreams, waste segregation and management, cleanliness and sanitation are the immediate activities to be undertaken.

“Bakawan is your livelihood, I want the local folks to be courteous, honest, friendly and be environment conscious. These human resources will contribute immensely to the success of this eco-tourism mangrove park,” the mayor explained.

With the presence of thirty boats, they can start with boating around the mangrove as the first activity. Construction of a receiving and information area, repair and maintenance of the ECOSAN are to be prioritized.


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