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The desire of Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. de Guzman’s III for his town before ending his two and a half years of service is to see the town’s economic development and to maintain its peace and order.
 These were the two most urgent programs of his administration which he hoped to achieve. With Jollibee’s presence in Bauang, opening in February 10 and the entry of Land Bank. Bauang will pave its economic development.
   “You elected me for six terms and you know me very well,” he told the local government officials, barangay captains, senior citizens, PNP, BJMP, Bureau of Fire and LGU personnel as he delivered his message during the Gobyernong Abot ang Barangay (GABAY) at Ballay, Bauang, La Union.
“With your help and support, help me eradicate the drug problem in Bauang,” he added. He challenged everyone to clear  Bauang from drugs.
He said that there is only one thing he is asking Bauangenios, to vote wisely by 2019, to vote for someone who is willing to help and someone who is responsible in leading the town towards the continuous road of development.
Mayor Martin has established a very god working relationship with the Philippine National Police (PNP) which has  become instrumental in the cleaning of more barangays from the drug menace.
Five more barangays Santiago, Guerrero, Paycpoc Norte Weste, Baccuit Norte and Palintucang were awarded P100, 000.00 each as livelihood assistance for drug surrenderees under the Bauang Ayaw sa Droga (BAD) Program. The mayor emphasized that the fund is self-rehabilitative. The barangay captains should always have a revolving fund of P100, 000 in their budget. The mayor promised to add additional amount for the livelihood projects of recovery fighters (drug surrenderees). 
The mayor extended his all-out support to PNP by establishing a very sensitive CCTV system with surveillance cameras placed in strategic places where crimes happen. It is a state of the arts surveillance system with a paging system, internet connection and telephone. He also gave them a  police vehicle, other needed materials for their operations, and a PNP  lot where their building  be erected soon.
The mayor added that he and  anybody have the right to show their grievance  and  to report the policemen if they are not working well.
Col. Leo Francisco, Provincial Director of PNP who was present in the awarding of the P100, 000 for livelihood program  of the drug free barangays mentioned, “There is a need to bring the government closer to the people. I see the concrete help LGU Bauang and  your mayor are bringing to you,”  Col. Francisco said.
He added that it is only Bauang and San Gabriel which have concrete livelihood projects helping drug surrenderees to earn for their family.
 He said that with the mayor’s   support to PNP, the two will help each other in implementing rules for the town’s betterment, and for the peace and order situation. He thanked the mayor for all the support he extended to PNP.
 Meanwhile, the mayor wants to solve the traffic congestion in Bauang by organizing an office for Public Order and Safety. He urged  everyone to have discipline by not parking beyond the white lines of the road.  In addition, PNP is coming out with ordinances on traffic and  Bauang will be constructing an over pass for pedestrians’ use. 
 -Bauang PIO

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