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Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. De Guzman III challenged all local government leaders, barangay captains, department heads, line agency heads, employees of Bauang during the flag raising ceremony at the town plaza to act as professionals with care since they are working in the government. People are looking at the employees’ performance. This is the first address of the mayor for 2017.

He thanked them all especially the department heads and the Philippine National Police headed by COP Major Joel P. Lagto for a successful and a peaceful Baggak celebration. It was a simple one but the people enjoyed the activities.

 “Your department heads are liable to each one of you. Know your obligations as government employees and as professionals. You are there to work fairly, to work eight hours a day, to be punctual, to leave the office on time. See to it that your work place has an atmosphere conducive for working,” he added.
He reminded every employee to establish good relationship with their clients and with their fellow employees.

Bauang LGU is in the process of creating the Municipal Development and Risk Reduction Office (MDRRO) to be in charge of peace and order and traffic management to help the PNP ease their works by hiring seven traffic enforcers. He encouraged job order employees to apply to these positions. PNP is tasked to look after the anti-illegal drug campaign of the municipality and to eradicate criminality.

“Respect one another, respect the law and not to break it wherever you are. Remain humble and not to be feeling important since I myself is a humble person,” the mayor said.

He told them to be ready since Bauang is getting bigger in size and in economy, to be innovative and to have the initiative to do work.

He said that he loves his town, his work and his family so there is a need to support President Rodrigo Duterte’s program on illegal drugs. If illegal drugs are stopped, criminality rate in Bauang decreases and peace and order will be achieved.

He challenged them to get back the award of Seal of Good Governance and Housekeeping which Bauang LGU failed to achieve last year because of GSIS remittances. He asked them to conform with Department of Interior and Local Government’s criteria on Good Governance.

He discouraged the employees to avoid having loans especially for those whose salary is less than two thousand pesos so as not to lose their interest in working. He told them to live within their salary and within their means.

The mayor ended his address by thanking everyone of their attendance on the first day of the week’s work.
Meanwhile, after the flag ceremony, the mayor met all the local officials, and the Sangguniang Bayan Members, the barangay captains, the department heads and heads of line agencies at the Farmers Hall. LINK

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