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BongPyeong Middle School of Pyeongchang County, Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea strengthens sisterhood with the Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School (DEGMNHS), Calumbaya, Bauang, La Union, as they visited DEGMNHS.

This is the second time that Bongpyeong Middle School came to DEGMNHS. They were here last January 2016 with the latter visiting Bongpyeong Middle School in Republic of Korea last March 2-5, 2016.

“Teach one kid and you teach the whole village,” Dr. Lak Hyun Sim, principal of Bongpyeong Middle School said.
He thanked DEGMNHS for the warm welcome they gave the delegates. He said that they are very pleased to see the family of DEGMNHS again.
“With globalization, students must go forward in understanding other cultures,” he further stated.

He hoped that the two schools will continue their relationship and reiterated his thanks for a warm welcome they received.
Dr. Alicia Aprecio, principal of DEGMNHS thanked the Bongpyeong for the hospitality and generosity they accorded to them when they went to Republic of Korea.
“This is our second year of our sister school relationship and I hope this becomes stronger and deeper as we exchange our culture and friendship and educational practices,” Aprecio emphasized.

Henry Ledda, district supervisor of Bauang hoped that the Bongpyeong Middle School’s students, faculty and parents’ short stay in Bauang be meaningful and unforgettable.

“With your coming here, it will bring closer relationship with you and with the Filipinos,” he further added.
SBM Gabriel Sotto representing Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin P. de Guzman III said that this is the second time of the two schools to exchange culture, arts and music and this will improve the educational milieu of both schools.

German Flora, Dep Ed Division Supervisor mentioned that DEGMNHS is the first school in La Union that started fostering friendship between schools internationally especially in Asia. He hoped that other schools will follow the example of DEGMHS. He thanked the Bongpyeong Middle School for coming to visit again La Union and Bauang.

Tokens were exchanged by the two schools after signing the contract of agreement to foster further their relationship. Certificate of recognition was awarded to Dr. Lak Hyun Sim.

The two schools exchanged cultural presentation during the program and a classroom interaction took place between the two schools.

Bongpyeong Middle School invited teachers and students of DEGMNHS to join in the cultural festival at Gangnueng City and Goseong County in Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea on May 27 to May 31 for the World Peace Education Festival.

Meanwhile, the delegation toured around La Union Schools Division Office on the second day. They were toured around the offices by the Schools Division Superintendent Rowena Banzon. They ate local delicacies like tupig and cornick.

Governor Pacoy Ortega, Abono Party list Vini Nola Ortega and SPM Anabelle de Guzman welcomed the delegation at the Provincial Capitol. They showed them the different offices. Students from Bongpyeong Middle School performed and dedicated the music they played fit to a king to ex-Governor Manoling Ortega who was also present.

They visited Lomboy Farms and buy souvenir items and enjoyed sitting at the native rocking chairs.

“You are considered adopted sons, daughters and children of Bauang,” Mayor Martin expressed during the despedida party at Marand Villa Resort and Hotel.

They visited Baguio City, another sister city of Pyeong Chang, South Korea after their visit in La Union.


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