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Bauang gears up for its 3rd Balik-Bauang Festivities

Written by Joan Diaz Sabado   

In time for the Christmas Holidays, the next Balik Bauang 2015 will surely bring exciting events. Christmas is being with family at one’s home and town.

This early, Bauang announces its Balik Bauang 2015 to coincide with the new schedule of Baggak Festival, running from December 16 to January 5. Come home to your loved ones, feel and enjoy the Christmas spirit, Bauang’s traditional and exceptional way. 

Aside from the festivities to be held at the town’s center, the Mayor will re-introduce Bauang as a destination of the North with its finer beach frontier at the Pugo and Taberna area. Aside from the Season of Christmas and get-togethers, this will be a great time to Rediscover Bauang! Interesting fun-filled activities shared with families and friends and the fascinating know-about Bauang, its people and culture are treasures. Gear up Bauangenios, come home and have fun in Bauang! Rediscover Bauang! December 16 to January 5 are the dates. 

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