I welcome you to the beautiful town of Bauang where the beaches meet with the grandeur of the mountains at the east.

Bauang’s environment and sanitation programs and initiatives translate into a higher level of advocacy with the Ecological Sanitation Projects (ECOSAN) and the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS). We have ECOSAN communities and an ECOSAN School. A strategic DEWATS facility in the Slaughterhouse and another in the Public Market are now operational, this aside from the first community-based sanitation facility in barangay Central West. Our best practices are our modest contributions in further addressing environment issues and in the worldwide campaign against climate change.

We recommend our best guapples, a combination of the luscious guava and the tangy taste of apple, that continue to be a hit for both foreign and local tourists. Aside from the fruit, there are at present 40 guapple by-products that we entice you to taste and grab as a pasalubong when you visit our town.

Aside from the various beach resorts that provide accommodation and tourist related services, we have the Sub-Central Business District located along the stretch of the National Highway, the vast sea and mountains for tourism and in-land resort development opportunities, and the potential 100-hectare multi-use Pudoc Accretion Area are Bauang’s come on for investors.

I urge you to join us in our pursuit to a more progressive Bauang! Sulong Bauang!