Taebaek City Mayor Lee Sang-Ho together with Mr. Lee Sang-So and Mr. Kim Moon-Do visited the Municipality of Bauang to attend the 437th Bauang Foundation Anniversary and to strengthen the Friendship City between Bauang and Taebaek.

Mayor Martin welcomed the delegates together with other municipal officials of Bauang during the welcome dinner at Rosebowl Steakhouse in Pagdalagan Sur.

City Mayor Lee Sang-Ho told the Municipal officials that seasonal workers that will be sent to Taebaek City will push through, and all seasonal workers will be coming from our Municipality. And Taebaek City is also planning to have an exchange employee in order to understand the culture of both countries and to have a deeper relationship.

Mayor Lee Sang-Ho planted bakawan at the The Bakawan Eco Tourism Park and promised to help our Bauang bakawan eco park. He also visited Bauang Public Market to experience how people of Bauang deal with their daily lives.

They also tried and enjoyed the different Filipino cuisines at La Famiglia Buffet.

Taebaek City and LGU Bauang’ friendship will continue to flourish.