The Local Government of Bauang headed by Mayor Menchie C. Lomboy-de Guzman, MD, together with the Council headed by Vice- Mayor Henry A. Bacurnay, Jr. attended the presentation and dry-run of Bauang E-Governance System which is envisioned to provide an integrated platform for a paperless, online and faster government transactions and delivery of services to all Bauangenos and to all LGU clienteles, right at their fingertips.

In his message, Vice Mayor Henry A. Bacurnay, Jr. emphasized to all participating offices the need to connect with each other so that no one will be left behind, and reiterated the council’s continued pledge to support a sustainable environment by going paperless in their transaction at the Sangguniang Bayan.

Mayor Menchie C. Lomboy de Guzman, M.D. shared her vision of a fully digitized/automated Municipality and rise up from its current manual processes and be at par with international standards as the LGU recently passed the Stage 2 ISO Audit. “Everything is provided so there is no reason to fail now. Bauang will become better everytime and be the best of the best! We are connected from the very beginning in our journey together so no one will be left behind. You may not like it now because it is difficult but then you will remember me and thank me in the future! “, says the visionary and 1st Lady Mayor of Bauang.

Various administrative processes covering all offices and operational process modules were developed and enhanced, specially those from the Accounting Office, Budget Office, Bids and Awards Committee Office, General Services Office, SB Office, Administrator’s Office and Mayor’s Office, Treasury Office, Assessor’s Office, OEEM, BPLO-BOSS.

All existing systems of the Municipality will be integrated in the Bauang e-governance system like the HRIS. It can be recalled that in 2004, the LGU introduced the computerization of Business and Permits and Licensing and Real Property Tax(BPLS & RPTA).