Seventy Three (73) frontliners from  Bauang got their shot of COVID-19 Vaccines during the initial vaccination of the COVID-19 Vccines. Sixty (60) of which came from the AstraZeneca and Thirteen (13) from Sinovac.

photo by : SBM Tanya Roberta de Guzman

Mayor Menchie C. Lomboy de Guzman, M.D. vaccinated Mr. Erwill O. Nunan, M.D, our Municipal Health Officer. The Health Care Workers in our Municipal Health Office have been assigned by the  Department of Health as authorized vaccinators, they were also inoculated during the initial vaccination. As of yesterday, March 24, 2021, One hundred Seventy Five (175) Individuals received the COVID-19 vaccine. Frontliners from the Local Government of Bauang, Barangays & Private Health Workers are among the recipients of the COVID-19 Vaccines.

These vaccines are part of the rollout of the National vaccination program of the National Government for Health workers who are at risk from serious infection of the COVID-19