Officials of Barangay Acao apprehended three (3) individuals in act of illegally-disposing septic waste last January 13, 2021. The driver and his companion pretended to be smoking or responding to the call of nature while septic waste is secretly being released from a pipe at the back of the truck.

Local Government received similar reports from other barangays – along the Bauang River in Barangay Ballay and in Barangay Paringao. Said white closed van was also seen several times in Barangay Urayong. The last was at the bridge in Barangay Payocpoc Norte Oeste, a white tanker truck bearing no plate number on November 30 and December 06, 2020 around 9:30 and 11:00PM.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is now investigating these various illegal activities, and penalties shall be imposed.

 Last January 18 during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony the LGU recognized the initiative of Barangay Acao in an effort to and prompt action in apprehending the three (3) individuals.

We are encouraging the public to report any incident to your Barangay or the Local Government Unit of Bauang.