Aside from observing minimum health protocols, both church leaders and parishioners must be protected inside and outside the places of worship during this time of pandemic.

This is the concept of the barriers installed and being used in the registration table and the barrier between the priest and parishioners during the communion rites at the Saints Peter and Paul Parish in Bauang town.

“Let us protect one another because we are one community. We want to protect the priest, the church volunteers, the people and prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus with this simple project our group initiated,” Michael Flores, leader of the Knights of Columbus, said.

Early last month, their group has likewise distributed 300 face masks among the people of Bauang.

In March after the coronavirus hit the country and the rest of the world and the statistics started to multiply, Flores and his team were among the first to produce face shields and to distribute up to 5,000 pieces reaching different municipalities as far as Tubao in La Union.

“Our face shields with tag ‘God is our shield’ kept us safe ad secured, it likewise kept me sane during the first weeks of the pandemic when I felt depression sipping to me,” Flores shared.  

He added, “Working with the volunteers and generous donors kept me productive thinking that this is our way to somewhat help the frontliners then be safe when they go out and provide service to the people.”

On September 2, the Knights of Columbus, along with Parish Priest Ronald Chan, will lead the blessing of the 69 unnamed graves in the Bauang South Public Cemetery in Santiago.

These were the graves of those who died from the said municipality during the period of community quarantine when only 12-hour time must be followed for dead persons to be buried.

“Many of them were unconfirmed COVID-19 positive patients but they rightfully deserve to be given prayers and the last blessings from a priest or pastor, whatever their religious affiliations may be,” Flores said. (AMB/JDS/PIA La Union)