March 12: President Duterte ordered community quarantine in Metro Manila. Starting March 15, 2020 at 12 midnight until April 14, 2020 due to increase of COVID-19 positive patients from 10 cases to 52 cases in just two days.The Municipal Government of Bauang had already informed the Barangay Captains and Non Government Organizations to have a separate meeting regarding COVID 19, ASF and other Municipal Concerns on Friday (date)March 13: Executive Order 2020 – 014 was issued by Hon. Menchie C. Lomboy-De Guzman, M.D. Suspending Classes on all levels from March 16 to April 12, 2020 to minimize the movement of of student and people and prevent the spread of of Corona Virus

March 14, 2020: The local government together with BFP and PNP conducted sanitation & disinfection in Public buildings & institutions (Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Slaughterhouse Municipal buildings and Farmers Trading Center)

March 15: Mayor Menchie released her Public Statement re: Public Health Emergency in the Municipality, and other guidelines

March 16: There was an emergency meeting with the 39 barangay captains for the guidelines & protocols regarding COVID-19 related cases & the implementation of Community Quarantine.

March 17: An emergency meeting with the 39 barangay captains for additional guidelines & protocols re: Luzon Wide Enhanced Community Quarantine following the proclamation of PRRD of State of Calamity in the entire Philippines

March 18: The Provincial Director of the PNP met the Mayor and the Vice Mayor for the implementation of the Luzon Wide Enhancement Community Quarantine.

The Municipal Government of Bauang is doing its best to help the National Government to contain & prevent the spread of COVID 19 Virus.