Mother Nature has to be continuously protected so that her wrath will not be felt by mankind.

To protect her, Bauang LGU launched Bauang Oplan Sagip kalikaSan (BOSS) program with the full participation of the 39 barangay captains and barangay sanitary inspectors on February 7, at Bauang Farmers’ Hall.

ADHOC Committee was created with Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin de Guzman as its chairman. The committee comes out with simplified system and checklist to be followed by each barangay in different ways of maintaining sanitation, proper waste disposal and collection, cleanliness in waterways and among business establishments.

“It is our responsibility and obligation as government officials to protect and save Mother Nature from destruction,” he said.

He added that there are many laws promulgated by the national government to safeguard the environment. If these laws are not promulgated, then it is the government officials who are accountable.

The mayor explained that since Bauang is a tourist destination, it is imperative that sanitation and cleanliness in all areas must be observed. He asked every barangay to have its own garbage collection system and if it is not possible, a district garbage collection. Waste water treatment must also be given a priority since there are already Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS) in the municipality.

“Invest in your manpower like your BSI, BHW and Barangay Tanods for these are your work force who will help you do the job,” the mayor said.

“We will campaign for the successful implementation of BOSS and the laws to protect our environment. Create your own barangay BOSS to maintain the cleanliness of your water ways and for the health and sanitation of your own barangays. The key word here is sustainability,” the mayor stressed.

He challenged Parian Oeste, Pudoc, Baccuit Sur, Baccuit Norte and Disso-or to sustain their best sanitation practices since they were regional winners.

He asked the barangay captains to start doing something if they haven’t done anything yet. He told them that the work is difficult but if everyone works together, the work becomes lighter and easier. He called on everyone in implementing Bauang’s own sanitation and management system to maintain a healthy, clean, sanitary and safe environment to live in.

He encouraged everyone to conduct a regular clean-up day where SK is involved especially on the waterways. It only needs political power to do all these.

Speakers in the program included Dr. Erwill Nunan, Medical Officer II of Bauang Rural Health Unit. He discussed the situation of the Philippines and that of the town in its health, sanitation and environment. He emphasized the control and segregation of garbage so that Mother Nature will not backfire on mankind.

Barangay Captain of Payocpoc Sur Virginia Ardina through her barangay treasurer Felipe Barbado discussed their barangay’s Best Practices: (RA 9003). Payocpoc Sur, which won in the regional competition on its best waste management practices is awaiting for the result of the national competition of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Engineer Warly Mahusay from BNS- BORDA discussed Septage Treatment Facility. He mentioned that Bauang has DEWATS at Central West, Bauang Public Market, at the slaughter house, 1st fiber glass at Bagbag, Pagdalagan Poultry, Paringao Elementary and High School and soon at the business areas at Acacia Arcade. These facilities must be maintained if not duplicated.
Engr. Remedios Jimenez of DENR discussed the six laws on environment to be implemented for the maintenance of a clean environment.

The program ended with the signing of the pledge of commitment by all the 39 barangays, the mayor and MENRO, a pledge to safeguard Mother Earth and to support BOSS. <Bauang PIO>